Meet hyperrealistic artist, living and working in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ukonu Oscar

Just like every other person who passed through the forewalls of a classroom, Ukonu Oscar knows how to use a pen. Quite frankly, it may appear that he understands the importance of a pen, way better than the people who invented the writing too itself.

You see, everyone was taught to write with a pen, and some marked our answer scripts with them LOOL, but you see, this man took it a million steps further and created art, and brought it to life.

Using a pen.

Not everyone could believe their eyes, so they did the next logical thing. They tweeted about it.

And while some were in total disbelief, others were completely blown away. Also tweeting

And some, well, some just, how about you just read it yourself

Ukonu Oscar started drawing when he was 9years old. Self taught by the way. He didn’t start off with pen. But, officially in 2014 he opted to solely use pens just so his works could have a distinct look to them.

And all, we can say is, he made the right choice.

Read his interview on nairaland here where he sheds more light on himself and his craft.

Check out some of his works

Then he even decided to go International…

This is what Oscar had to say in his recent tweet. Read more here

Zikoko! referred to Oscar as The Nigerian Artist who creates beautiful art illustrations using just a simple tool

You would think works like this already have all the recognition they deserve. But guess what, there’s really nothing like too much exposure.

Feel free to check out his work on his instagram page @oscarukonu_arts or his twitter feed @ukonuoscar, just so you can see for yourself how people are reacting to this feat.

As for me, I’m going to look for a pen and try to draw an apple. We aren’t all great artistes, but we can as well start from somewhere.

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