Bodun fulfilled the promise she made to Feranmi two weeks ago and they had spoken without end since then.

Their conversation had no depth, it was filled with random talk about food, traffic, electricity supply and even movies. They talked about nothing but everything. Sometimes they would chat till one slept off on the other. Actually, Bodun did more of the talking and Feranmi did more of the listening. Bodun somehow always had something to say, as one topic ended, she brought up another. She never got tired of talking to him and he never got weary of her.

As much as they talked, they really didn’t know each other but to them it didn’t feel that way. Two weeks of constant calls and chats felt like twenty years of solid friendship. They had grown extremely comfortable with themselves and felt it unnecessary to ask personal questions.

In reality, all Feranmi knew was Bodun loved yam with fried egg, and that she had an ex who was her manager at work. He knew this only because she had slipped up one day while she was complaining about her manager trying to be a pain in the neck. All Bodun knew was Feranmi was a fan of F.C.Barcelona and he liked Pรฒmรณ, a lot.

One would wonder what they talked about because their friendship as they restricted themselves to, was booming like it was spring.

Let’s go out this weekend” Feranmi blurted out over the phone after failing to find the perfect time.

“What do you mean by go out?” Bodun widened her eyes and abruptly stopped twirling her hair.

“Aunty calm down, I mean I want to take you out to a place where we can eat, talk and finally get to really know each other”

“Are you serious?” Bodun was grinning sheepishly

No I’m not, I’m rehearsing a monologue for a movie I’m in”

see this cow oh

They both burst out laughing.

“I would have called you a chicken but we both know that would be a huge understatement


“Yes ma”

They could not hold back the humour as it flowed, Feranmi remarks didn’t hurt her in anyway and she felt her mind was being partial because if it had been Kelvin she would have sulked and hurriedly ended the call. It probably wasn’t meant to be with Kelvin.

“I will slap you one day Feranmi”

“Shortie like you? I would love to see you try. Sports people would call that a high jump”

“You are not well” Bodun giggles, tired from laughing so much. How can one be on a call for over 30 minutes and half of the conversation is laughter? Now this is what I need, probably my life would not suck anymore.

Bodun, we haven’t seen since your hormones went berserk on you.”

Bodun had revealed to Feranmi the circumstances they had met that evening and that she truly didn’t mean to say “hormones”

“Shut up joor” she pouts

They both laugh and silence settles revealing a lot of unsaid words and overwhelming emotions. They had agreed to not cross the lane of friendship and were striving to become best buddies as they both claimed they needed a best friend of the opposite sex. But things were getting intense between them.

“You still there” Feranmi asks after overcoming the strange sensation he felt during the silence.

“Yes I am” Bodun whispers as she adjusts her ear piece which was almost falling off.

So what do you say? Tomorrow? I could pick you up”

“No, don’t worry I’ll drive down.” Bodun was scared to be with him alone, she didn’t want to do anything stupid “Just text the location and time and I’ll meet you there “


“Feranmi… “ Don’t say anything stupid Bodun. There were a million questions she wanted to ask and though she fancied Feranmi’s mystery aura, she was beginning to get too attached, attached to nothing because she knew nothing about him and she wanted to break that barrier. But they had agreed to not ask personal questions yet. So she held back.

“Yes Bodun”

Thinking quickly of an escape she settles for “You can come pick me up, Good night”

“Alright. Good night beautiful”

The silence after the call was overwhelming. Each call with Feranmi lit her heart up in ways that scared Bodun. Even Michael her university ex didn’t come close to making her smile this way and she had crazy feelings for him then .

Just as talking with Feranmi made her happy, she felt like an empty room after their call ended, she knew Ariel would be in a short skin tight dress shouting TGIF at a club and she secretly wished she had half of Ariel’s social life.

Let’s go out Bodun! You will say No,
I have work to do, please where’s the work? Now you are here on your bed,lonely and bored out of your mind. She sighs and throws her back on the bed. Scrunching her face, she closes her eyes to picture the clothes in her wardrobe for the outfit she would wear tomorrow and slowly she drifts to dreamland.

The sweet smell of Saturday morning tickled Bodun till she caved in with a long yawn as she woke up to take it all in.

The compound was bustling with Saturday morning activities, most neighbors were doing laundry at the backyard so the air was freshened with various fragrances of detergent, someone was frying akara and another was frying plantain. The aroma made her want to curl up and have breakfast in bed. The atmosphere was alive with the chitchat coming from the backyard accompanied with cartoon sounds playing from different television sets, there was also music playing from a car stereo. Then Bodun heard the voice that she had grown to love and she felt more alive than she had within the last 5minutes.

“Aunty B !” The excitement radiated through CJ’s voice as he called for her from his verandah.

Bodun couldn’t hold back the smile that was already beaming on her face as she raised her curtain, cleared her hoarse throat and responded

“Yes CJ”

“Good morning Aunty B”

“Good morning My love how was your night”

“Fine fine, Aunty B, Nickelodeon is showing a new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”


“Yes, go and watch it now, hurry something has happened to April!”

“Alright sir” She replied with corresponding enthusiasm even though she knew she wasn’t going to watch it, she indulged him.

When she didn’t hear his voice again she knew he had gone in.

Morning for days, today feels good already. Bodun smiled as she picked up her phone to check the time but realized Feranmi had texted already

Good morning sunshine ๐ŸŒž

She chuckled lightly as she felt her face lighten up, she loved the way Feranmi made her feel. He was always the first to check up on her

Good morning …Adonis ๐Ÿ˜˜

She texted back as she bit her lower lips

I can’t talk much now, I just wanted to check up on you. Take care of yourself, I’ll pick you up by 6pm.๐Ÿ‘

Alright see you then ๐Ÿ‘Œ


“Wow 11:37” Spotting the time, Bodun exclaimed as she jumped off the bed to her wardrobe. She had to start the battle of deciding what to wear for her date with Feranmi. Opening the doors of her wardrobe she sighed deeply from confusion and hunger.

I want to look sexy but I don’t want to overdress, and I really want to be comfortable but not too casual. I should have asked him where we’re going.

She hissed, made click sounds, sighed and finally sat on the floor in front of the wardrobe

How can I not know what to wear? This is a first date of hopefully many to come. If I call Ariel, that one would make a big fuss over it.

She had not told Ariel of her second meeting with Feranmi, in fact Ariel didn’t know they had been talking. Bodun wanted and liked it this way.

Finally making up her mind, she gets up brings out a dark blue skinny jean,a Maxi light blue jean shirt and places them on her bed. From her dresser she picks up a wavy hazel coloured wig which she places on her bed too, then picks a brown wedge sandal from her shoe rack and places it beside her bed.

“Simple” Bodun shrugs then takes her phone to check the time

“12:30! Hunger oh! “

She scurries off to the kitchen to prepare something to eat.

It was 6pm and Feranmi was nowhere to be found. Bodun had started makeup from 3pm to avoid rushing and now she felt she started early for nothing. She didn’t want to call and seem too anxious so she decided to wait a few extra minutes.

6:10 pm and still nothing from Feranmi, just as she made up her mind to call, her phone rang. It was Feranmi

“Hey you what’s up I’ve been waiting for you”

“I’m sorry Bodun I’ve been dealing with a certain issue I didn’t expect, I just didn’t want to cancel on you”

Feranmi sounded really formal but Bodun didn’t notice.

Bodun scoffed wow

“So what’s happening now? Are you cancelling?”

No… Do you mind if I bring someone along?”

Bodun was a bit disappointed so she sounded mellow

“Well it’s your call”

“Bodun I’m really sorry”

Before she could say anything Feranmi had hung up.

Bodun he is not your boyfriend, if he decides to bring his friend along, no problem… I guess. She shrugs and slouches on the couch.

At 6:30pm, a knock on Bodun’s door told her Feranmi was around

“The door is not locked, you can come in” she doesn’t move from the couch she’s on

Feranmi steps in smelling really good, he is wearing a sky blue shirt on a navy blue pant with brown suede shoes.

The moment Bodun sees him all her anger and disappointment disappears. She just wants to hug him but she pretends to still be pissed. Operation hard to get.

“Hey you” Feranmi smiles on seeing her, there was something about her that always brought peace to him

“Since last year? If I was the one that was late now you will say it’s because I’m a woman blah blah blah, thank God I changed my mind and suggested you pick me up if not that’s how I would go to one restaurant and wait one year for you, I would have just broken your head”

She pouts her lips and rolls her eyes “Sit down now or are you ready to go now? Or we are not even going again? Oh wait where’s your friend? Is he outside? tell him to come in now

Bodun shut up! She realizes she is blabbing “okay I’m talking too much…just answer me” she grins sheepishly

Feranmi chuckles to himself , Bodun’s animated self made him want to always be there for her and listen whenever she had something to say. He felt the need to always protect her and her smile. He couldn’t believe he was about to say something that would down her spirit.

Bodun stands and makes to leave “Feranmi since you won’t talk, let’s go”

He didn’t know how to say it, he felt bad that he had to put Bodun in this position. He knew how certain things got to her and he was the one that asked for this date in the first place. Watching her as she wore her shoes he realised they wore similar outfits and more importantly, she looked really beautiful, this was the third time they would see and he should be hugging her, tightly, if not for the bombshell he had.

“Bodun you look really beautiful…” he bit his inner lips to hold back from saying how he really felt .

“That’s bribery and corruption Feranmi, saying that won’t make me forgive you for making me wait.”

Just as Feranmi was about to speak his phone rang, he took a look at the caller and sighed from confusion and frustration. He placed the phone back into his pocket, tightened his right fist, folded his lips and stroked his beard.

“Is that your friend?”

My girlfriend” He said bluntly

Bodun burst out with laughter as she puts off all electrical appliances. “I hear you, what does she want?” Bodun asks expecting the joke to continue

“She is asking when we’ll join her outside”

Bodun takes a sharp turn to look at Feranmi and sees that he is completely serious

“I don’t understand” Bodun says trying to fight back the shock she felt.

“That’s the issue I was trying to handle, she came unexpectedly and insisted she wanted to go with me even though I told her I was meeting up with someone”

All Bodun could hear was ‘girlfriend, she and her’ the rest sounded gibberish.

“You have a girlfriend?” Failing to mask the shock and disbelief in her voice

I was going to tell you today, that’s one of the reasons I suggested we meet up...” Feranmi was completely still

Bodun started laughing hysterically not because she thought it was funny but because it was unbelievable. Well we are just friends right? Wrong! Get it together girl. Get it together!!!

Her laughter made Feranmi feel uneasy.

“I would understand if you didn’t want to go anymore and I’m really sorry”

Bodun breathes deeply and gathers her emotions Go girl ,we can do this! No weakness!

“Feranmi why did you want this…” She felt it odd calling it a date “…outing to happen?””

“Because I wanted to spend time with you” Feranmi looked Bodun in the eyes and hoped she heard every unsaid word.

“Has that changed?” She gives him the look

“No” He says softly and with all honesty. For a moment, Bodun almost loses control over her emotions. She clears her throat, to disconnect her heart from emotions.

“Then let’s go”

“Are you serious?” He tilted his head and squinted his eyes

“No I am just rehearsing for a movie role… Yes I’m serious, now get out before I leave without you“.

And even though Bodun knew she would regret her decision later, she couldn’t bear to be seen as vulnerable, Feranmi and his girlfriend couldn’t suspect or think she had feelings for him.

Cheers to the weekend, it’s going to be a long night! Bodun tells herself as she steps out of the house with Feranmi by her side and her tough skin on.

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