The golden ray of the sunset brought warmth not just to the environment but also to Bodun. She felt the warmth creep into her soul making her feel glowed up, lightened and she was actually glowing.

She was happy and felt sexy not just because this was her first time out without a sanitary pad but because there were fireworks of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone in her body.

She wore a loose top and a free short with her fake Nike kicks, the shorts because she wanted the cool breeze of the noon to gain access to certain parts of her body that had been traumatized for some days, at least that’s how she felt. She had her headset on and was listening to an Enya song. The atmosphere was perfect for an evening jog but today she didn’t want to sweat so she walked as gentle as the breeze.

A figure was waving at her direction and because she wasn’t wearing her glasses or contacts, she squinted trying to make the face out. She turned around to make sure no one was behind her and to be sure she was the one being waved at. She had had cases of waving back at strangers but she had also been termed rude because she didn’t wave back or respond to greetings in a certain way, so with every opportunity she got, she told whoever was ready to listen
‘Do not wave at me from afar, don’t greet me from afar except you say your name because I won’t see you!’

The figure stopped waving and seemed to be walking through the sunset, though it was a long walk, the sight was mesmerizing, it felt dreamy and she wondered who it could be as she stopped moving.

This face looks familiar” she mutters to herself as he stops right in front of her.

Hi” he says to her with a heartwarming smile that makes Bodun melt at the spot

Damn! This guy is fine, where do I know this mouth watering dark chocolate goodness in the form of an angel and oh my goodness look at his hands, so firm! I wish he could hold me! And that smile, those lips, oh please kiss me…

And maybe it was the sunset but Bodun saw a halo around his head. Standing so close to him made Bodun feel certain reactions she hadn’t felt in quite a while, it seemed all the blood in her rushed to her pelvic region, she could feel it throbbing and suddenly she felt wet and queasy between her legs.

An image flashes through her mind, she on a bed with him, sheets halfway off, sweat dripping off their backs, skin glowing under the dim golden lights, desire, passion and climax! She is shocked by her thoughts and blinks her eyes very fast to get the image out.

He stretches his hand to pull down the headset from Bodun’s ears and whispers with a voice that makes Bodun quiver and bite her lower lips

“Hello there” he drops his weakening smile

Hormones” Bodun whispers almost drooling

What?” he creases his face suppressing laughter

Bodun’s eyes dart around as she tries to save herself from this embarrassing position and without thinking she blurts out

“I can’t see well because of … bad eye hormones, so I didn’t see you wave earlier” she stutters

He bursts out with laughter “I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to use the word hormones but it’s alright. You are Bodun right?”

She nods affirmative

Don’t you remember me from C.J’s party?”

And it all falls in place in Bodun’s head, she remembers him, her competition, the one she was in a tiebreaker with.

“Oh hi, how do you even remember my name?” she asks genuinely impressed

“I’m sure you are asking because you forgot mine and you didn’t call as promised”

“You got me, I’m sorry, I’ve just been…” she didn’t want to tell him she didn’t want to call because she just got out of a relationship and wasn’t ready for any form of Boy drama “…busy with work, like really busy”

“Is that the reason you forgot my name? “ He does a sad puppy face and Bodun feels bad

“I’m sorry, really sorry, please tell me your name and I promise to never ever forget”


“Oh yes”

‘Look at her mouth like ‘oh yes’, you want to act like you remember now? “

“But I remember now “ Bodun says with a high pitched voice that makes her roll her internal eyes at herself

“I hear you ” Feranmi scoffs

I’m serious na” Bodun sounds like she is about to cry

Please don’t cry, I’ve heard you”

“But you don’t believe me “ She begins to sob lightly

Feranmi sighs and gazes into her eyes for a few seconds while Bodun continues her acting. He smiles, then lays his hands on her shoulder and says “I believe you,okay? But you deserve an award for that performance”

Bodun feeling victorious and cocky brags “I know right, I’m thinking the Oscar’s” she theatrically waves her hands in the air as she says the Oscar’s

They both burst out laughing and stare for a while. They haven’t moved from that spot.

“How’s your niece? Did she forgive you ?” Bodun asks not wanting the conversation to end

“she is fine, she’s a kid and kids forgive easily especially if you get them ice-cream” He shrugs

Bodun sighs and rolls her eyes “Unlike adults I know, are you here with her? “

“No, she’s with her parents “

“Oh, so why are you here, if you don’t mind my asking?

“Well I don’t mind and I’m here because of you” He points at her

Haha! Funny! For real joor, do you have a friend that stays around or something? “

“I mean it I’m really here because of you” He looked serious. Bodun could see the sincerity in his eyes and she got curious

“What do you mean? “

“Well since I didn’t get your call and I didn’t have your number, I’ve been coming around since Wednesday hoping to catch you returning home or something “

Bodun was in shock and disbelief, she gives him the look and says “Come on stop lying “

” You know it’s rude to tell someone they are lying especially when they are telling the truth” He says candidly

“I’m sorry but it’s just unbelievable, I mean I can’t wrap my head around that”

He looked hurt “Give me your digits and I’ll call you, how about that?” Feranmi asks awkwardly

“No” Bodun replies with a stern face

“Why no?” He looks disappointed

“No because I promised I would call you and besides I have a lot to make up for” She smiles

Feranmi sighs with relief “Alright then I’ll be expecting”

“Wait, why didn’t you just ask CJ’s mom where I stay, if you really wanted to see me ?”

” Let me think. ..and you won’t have thought I was a stalker right? Besides I like my business to remain my business “

Bodun laughs and nods her head “Okay mystery man, I think I believe you “

“You are still thinking? It’s alright, I’ll be expecting that call and I believe you will because unlike you, I don’t find it hard to believe” Feranmi was acting sassy to Bodun’s amusement.

Stretching forth his right hand for a handshake, Bodun meets him halfway and they gaze into each other’s eyes for a minute that seemed like a lifetime. Another image flashed through Bodun’s mind, this time a subtle one, it was an image of them kissing at that very moment. She again blinked fast to chase the image from her mind but it only slid to her subconscious.

Goodbye Feranmi” Bodun whispers

“Talk to you soon Bodun” He corrects then lightly pats her left cheek. Feranmi walks back the direction he came from but Bodun couldn’t decide on her next step, so she stood and stared at him as he walked way

The image popped again but this time she didn’t try to chase it away, she chose to enjoy it and for the first time in forever,even though it was just for a little while, Bodun’s heart smiled.

Then the sun was no longer in sight and the glow wasn’t there anymore, and then she remembered she was going to work in a few days. She rolled her eyes, dropped her shoulders and walked back home.

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