Wriggling on the floor, she wakes but does not open her eyes.
Why is the bed so cold … and hard? Her thoughts prompt her to open her eyes. Her heavy eyelids flutter, after a few seconds they finally gain strength to hold up as she stretches and yawns her way to alertness, she realizes she slept off on the floor in the living room.
Did I sleep here? Wow!
She pulls herself up, flexes her neck to ease off the pain she felt from sleeping on the floor. She is looking for her phone when a loud bang on her door makes her turn suddenly to the direction of the sound. Her heart beats faster.

“Bodun!” the familiar but edgy voice yells revealing who it is, Bodun is relieved. Finding strength to speak, Bodun mumbles with another yawn

Who is it?”

“It’s me

An intentional silence ensues

“It’s me…Ariel” the voice sighs

Bodun hisses and makes her way to open the door as she yawns and stretches

Na wa o! Where did you put your ears?”

Ariel exclaims the moment she is in. Ariel is a dark-skinned beauty, slim, tall and a fashionista working her way to being a top runway model, her attitude is what stands her out.

“Good morning to you too”

Bodun says sarcastically then mumbles something incoherent as she puts her hands underneath her top to gently take off her bra, she sighs with pain and relief.

“Aunty I didn’t tell you good morning oh! Why didn’t you answer me since? I’ve been knocking for almost two hours”

Widening her nostrils as she does when she’s trying to suppress laughter Bodun asks

“Two hours? Ariel we both know you are not capable of that much patience”

“Don’t insult me oh. Only God knows what you were doing” Ariel rolls her eyes

“I was sleeping!”.

Now fully awake, Bodun takes a long gulp from the bottled water on her table. Dropping on the longest couch while typing very fast on her phone, Ariel replies absentmindedly

“Sleeping in your track suit? You sha want to be fit. Were you jogging in your dreams? I’ve told you babe you can’t be as sexy as I am, accept your life the way it is, you know I love you the way you are. My plus-sized sexy mama”

Ariel throws a brief kiss to Bodun who has moved to the pile of documents and is staring at them, almost lost in thought, Bodun whispers,

“I wish everyone did”

There’s silence as Ariel is drawn into the chat she’s having on Whatsapp while Bodun still stares at the documents. Then almost as if controlled, Ariel drops her phone and looks at Bodun with deep scrutiny

“Bodun, where did you sleep?”

A confused Bodun looks at Ariel quizzically and says slowly

“My house”

“Of course your house!” Ariel scoffs “not like you would sleep anywhere else. She rolls her eyes “I mean where in your house?”

Bodun tries to fake a laugh

Ariel what is it na?

With a straight face Ariel replies

I’m not joking. WHERE and WHEN did you sleep last night?”

Giving up her defenses, Bodun speaks slowly, trying to conceal her emotions

“My living room, I don’t know when”

Ariel is baffled at Bodun’s response

You never sleep in your living room. I mean, you always say you would rather sleep off in the bathroom than the living room”


Ariel moves close to Bodun to hold her hands which are suddenly cold. Being selective and slow with her words she asks

How are things at work?”

“Fine. Ariel are you ill or something, why are you being so caring, it doesn’t fit you, it’s weird”

“Are you normal? You will not talk now oh, later you will be shouting Ariel is not caring, yen yen yen, I’m caring now and you are saying I’m sick

Ariel feigns being pissed.

“I didn’t say you’re sick, I was just asking na”

“I will slap you oh”

Bodun bursts out with laughter and Ariel joins her, after a few seconds they sober up. Ariel gives her “their look”, which is a combination of a raised right Eyebrow, a squinted left eye and a pouted lip

“B, How are things with your ‘manager’?”

Bodun returns the look

“You mean, how are things with my…”

“Yesss, Your boyfriend

Ariel scoffs expecting a laugh from Bodun who replies with a straight face



Ariel was shocked but somehow Bodun was in more shock, this was the first time she would say it out loud. It made it real.


Breaking the silence and concealing her own emotions, Ariel places her right hand on Bodun’s thigh

“B, do you want to talk about it, if you don’t want to, I completely understand”

“Ask your questions”

Trying to find the right words Ariel asks

“Who do we have a problem with? The manager or the boyfriend?”

“Aren’t they the same people? That’s what I get for shitting where I eat”

What did he do to you? Tell me, because I am ready to match over to his house right now and scatter his destiny ”

“I broke up with him”

“oh, You did, why?”

Ariel is relieved but still conceals her emotions. Trying to be logical, Bodun explains,

Ariel, the last thing I should feel with my man is insecurity but that’s all I felt with him. Do you get?

I’m listening ” Ariel says with all seriousness

For a while Bodun is amused by how much Ariel is actually paying attention, Ariel’s phone had buzzed more than ten times and she hadn’t as much fluttered her eyes or winced. Ariel was really listening to her and it made Bodun want to cry. Ariel was one person who had stayed with her through thick and thin. Ten years of friendship and the love was still there. Now why couldn’t men just be like that, Bodun wondered.

“So….?” Ariel edged her on, cutting Bodun from her thoughts

“Yeah, there’s this annual meeting with the CEO coming up next month. My unit head wants me to represent my department…”

“Wow, that’s good news”

“Yeah, but! The manager…”

“You mean, your boyfriend”. Ariel interrupts

Bodun fires a hot glance at Ariel that makes Ariel roll her eyes

“Don’t look at me that way na, you are the one that just said it’s the same person”

Well this time I mean the manager… and stop interrupting ” She rolls her eyes and sighs “the manager wants someone else.”


“who else?”

“Don’t tell me it’s that Lola girl again!

Bodun tightens her fist as she stands up and paces for a few seconds takes a deep breath

“ ‘Bodun you would look so much better if you lost some pounds and were slim like Lola… Bodun why not sign up at the gym like Lola. Bodun do this like Lola, do that like Lola.’ I asked him so many times, if he would rather be with Lola and he always insisted they were just best friends and I was overreacting. It’s okay. Now I thought the comparison would just be within our relationship, instead he brought it to work and to what I’ve looked forward to the entire year. He wants Lola to represent my department at the CEO’s meeting”

“Babe, He’s cheating on you jare!”

Ariel exclaims with anger, while Bodun stares back with their look

“B, why aren’t you talking na” Ariel looks confused.

You think I’m dumb, of course I know he’s cheating. Tears begin to roll to her cheeks

“He was cheating and I was too trusting, too stupid to realize it. We broke up yesterday when it became clear to me that all his references to Lola was his indirect way of telling me what I didn’t want to acknowledge.

Bodun was fighting the tears back but it was so hard as they spilled everywhere.

On Thursday I walked to his office and didn’t meet his secretary at her seat, so I thought he was not in also, I was about to leave when I heard Lola’s voice in his office …”

“Kelvin you are getting on my nerves, stop waiting for her to get your hints and tell her. We’ve been together for three months and I’m tired of pretending and hearing people call her your girlfriend . If you don’t tell her yourself, I will and worse I’ll tell her at the presentation” Lola yelled at Kelvin

Ariel I froze, I’m sure my heart stopped working. Three months…Everything started playing in front of me and I realized I had been very stupid. I mean who repeatedly prioritizes someone else above his girlfriend. I saw the signs but I ignored them because I was scared to face the truth. I didn’t want to believe the rumours that he was putting Lola in for the CEO’s meeting because they were having an affair. Will you believe I confronted him later and Kelvin didn’t even have the slightest remorse. We were like total strangers. Who was I kidding? Girls like me don’t end up with guys like him…

Bodun began to laugh hysterically at her pain, as she gently slid off the couch and landed softly on the floor. At this point Bodun could no longer speak, she was crying profusely. Ariel screams,

“That son of a …”

As soon as Ariel notices she’s panting excessively and her breath is out of control, she brings out her inhaler, takes three puffs and breathes deeply. She joins Bodun on the floor gives her a tight hug that lasts for a few minutes .When Bodun is calm, Ariel softly says

“What are we going to do? We can’t give up without a fight even if it’s for the CEO’s meeting”

“Well, apparently my unit head sees more potential in me than that Lola girl. She spoke with other unit heads and we are having a presentation which will determine which one of us will be chosen . And now I have had to put in extra work just to prove the obvious . Maybe they should just give the job to Lola, I’m tired

“Is this one normal? Babe, when is this presentation?”

Ariel rolls her eyes


“Good! You and I are going shopping today”


Yes! Judging from that pile of documents, I’m sure you have the whole presentation figured out. You are a smart girl, what You need is a fabulous outfit for the presentation. You have done your part Now it’s my turn to do mine. So girlfriend, go into your room take a shower, because you are a TOTAL MESS and let’s get out of here. Kapish?”

At this moment, bursting out with laughter that dried up her tears, Bodun couldn’t have been more grateful to have Ariel as her friend. The type of friend that takes you shopping to forget about a heartbreak.

She would loosen herself to this moment, since she had prepared well, the future would be fine, at least that’s what she thought.


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