Running as fast as her short thick legs wearing fake Nike kicks could carry her

trying to drown the voices in her head with the loud one coming from her headset, she is listening to a rock song by a British artist whose name she most likely doesn’t know. It’s one of the random songs she downloads in her attempt to get a new song that she might like; she only forgot to delete this one.

She realizes she isn’t breathing so hard and tells herself seems I’m getting better at this, when a speeding ‘okada man’ brushes her off while pulling his brakes suddenly. She is shocked and turns to see the ‘okada man’ trying to adjust his motorcycle, she pulls her headset down from her ears in order to understand the reason for the enraged reaction and finger to head expression by the ‘okada man’.

The loud voice that welcomes her ears from its vacation is nothing compared to the ones in her head, for a while she isn’t trying to drown the voices and that’s because she can’t hear them.
‘You no dey hear person abi you be deaf and dumb, shey you no dey see person’

She is taken aback and for a minute she is completely blank trying to recall what direction the ‘okada man’ came from and after she realizes he is actually in the wrong because and bike riders are not allowed in that street after 5pm she tells herself, finally she speaks.
Excuse me?”

“ope o she sabi talk. I think sey you be deaf and dumb. Shey you no know sey you wan cause accident”

Baffled she says “you are not supposed to be riding in this street by this time. You hit me. And apparently…” she looks around “there is enough riding space for you but you just had to hit me”.
Adamant he says, ‘where the enough riding space? When you don use your big yansh block everywhere’.
She immediately bares a poker expression as a few bolts and nuts get loose in her head. Relax Bodun, breathe in breathe out, she whispers, as she calms herself and also gathers enough air to rant non-stop on the rider

‘I would need more than two hands to count the amount of laws you have broken by being In this street, there’s a police station close by, a call to their station and they will be here in about two minutes and I’m sure they would love to seize that motorcycle of yours. I’m telling you this because I’m sure some people depend on what you earn for survival, so if you love yourself and them, you would get on that bike and get out of this street now!

He scurries on his bike but before he speeds off he looks at her, with disdain in his eyes and says
‘see as she be, wowo, be like baboon, orobo, you dey here dey oppress man when your mates they marry. I sure sey no man go fit marry you sef, see her! Yeye! Orobo!’

He speeds off as she stands there speechless and her emotions transition from anger to sadness. Tears cloud her vision; she wants the earth to swallow her.

The loud voices return.

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