Fake Love, Fake Love, Fake Love!!!

Have you heard it? No?! How come, why not, what’s stopping you? Don’t you own a radio, or do you prefer to be in silence when you’re in your car. I strongly suggest that you change right away so you can catch the fever. The fever that is Wizkid and Duncan Mighty. These two *dramatic pause to gather self confidence back*.

First off . . .

I would like to add that, no one saw this collaboration coming. I didn’t, did you?

Second off, or secondly. Which do you prefer? Hehe

They did justice to the song.

Initially, I would be honest. I wasn’t really a fan of the song, but as time went on, I was drawn to it. Now, this is the song that’s on repeat on my phone. (I hope I don’t burst my speakers).

Wizkid, Nigeria’s very own human mineral resource, teamed up with Duncan Mighty, king of the South South, to show us that, good things can actually come out of putting our differences aside and working together for a common goal.


Also, there’s a bit of a controversy and debate that’s been flying around social media for some days now, over this joint work. Read the full story here.

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