Meet Ayo Filade. A hyperrealistic pastel artist from Nigeria.

Ayo grew up surrounded by art. Both indoors, within his house and immediate surroundings, and outside on the streets.

His Father Mr Filade, owns the famous Filade Art Studio in Ibadan. If you’re familiar with Ibadan, you may have come across this name or the drawings.
It definitely isn’t a surprise that he was encouraged to draw and paint by his father.

In the words of Ayo, Art is everywhere, its a given I follow suit.

Ayo Filade is a graduate of Architecture from the University of Nottingham.

Ayo spends alot of time drawing. When he needs to maintain focus, he listens to music ranging from old school hip-hop and anything with a good boom-clap, to linkin park..all the way to Enya.

Ayo uses Faber castell pastels gotten that can be purchased from local art stores to bring his hyperrealistic drawings to life.

He sells his drawing both locally and worldwide.

He is largely concerned with the contrasts in lighting and skin texture, as well as with details. Titling his art “Disparate Realism”, Filade’s preoccupation with surrealism manifests in his interrogtion of the consequences of conflict, separation and break, and how we deal with their rising tensions individually and as a society.

To view a wider range of his work, you can check out his instagram page here.

And to get personal and familiar with him, you can send him a tweet via here.

Also, don’t forget to visit his website if you’re looking for inspiration, want to explore his world, you’re an art lover, or you’re just curious.

All resources used for this article were gotten directly from Ayo Filade’s website and his twitter page. All image rights and copyright belong solely to the artiste.

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