Even after years of being off the movie scene and serenading us with their individual talents, these actors have undoubtedly left their mark, and found their ways into our hearts with the unique taste they bring into all the home movies we all saw growing up.

It is without a doubt that seeing these veterans faces will plunge you back to the days of renting home movies from the local dealer in the neighborhood, or maybe it was watching these movies collectively with your childhood friends or all extended family members. But, definitely their faces will take you back time immemorial and give you a reminiscing sense of a part of your life that you once enjoyed.

Meanwhile, do you see how far you have come in life between that period and now?

How does it feel to realize that you’re already old. Lol.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in the curated tweets that was carefully and beautifully crafted (without getting one shread of information wrong) we spotted on the page of urbanyooba on instagram.


If you’re drinking milk or eating pepper, I’d advise you to put it down for now.

Shout-out to the avid subscribers of Nigerian home videos back in the days that took time out to connect these actors and their dots.

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